About Us

We believe that the success of our business can best be measured by the value we bring to our community, and that we have a responsibility to be an asset to the city in which we operate. Our long-term strategy is to help improve the local economy by hiring and training as many people as possible and making our products from locally sourced ingredients.

We started our business with a push-cart on June 21, 2014, at the Woodlawn Street Market. Through the success of our push-cart, we were able to opened our first store on April 4, 2015, located in West Homewood, 715 Oak Grove Road; an ideal location where our customers can come to enjoy a delicious frozen treat. We plan to continue to sell our products in the Birmingham area at local events, flea markets, sporting events, farmer's markets, etc.; from our push-cart, and to add additional push-carts as the company grows. 

One of the core aspiration of MCSI, as a company is to have a mentoring program for interested employees, affording them the opportunity to become their own self-employed push-cart owners through our "Be Your Own Boss, (BYOB)" training program.

It is our hope to grow our business beyond Birmingham, and sell nationwide.